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    Live at Bottoms Up

    This was a Jack Sprat show in 2005 or 2006 at the Bottoms Up Tavern in Aurora, Colorado. I dug around my pile of dusty CDs and found the CD that the sound guy burned during our show. Didn't get the whole set, but there were a few songs that may be worthy of a little posterity.

    The mix is a little iffy - but all I have is the sound guy's mix - that's my excuse.

    The nimble skins player is Susan Riggs and the cable wrastler is Bob Zeien. Guess that leaves me responsible for any remaining noises.

    Two of these songs are covers. Big Dipper is a Built to Spill cover, and Desert was written by Ian Waters who writes all kinds of great music that not many folks know about.

    Big Dipper


    Bunny Huntin

    Does It Matter

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